About Us


Growing disciples by sharing the truth of God’s plan for healing and redemption for all people.


They know we are Christians by our love as we’ve matured to actively and consistently-

  • Demonstrate Christ’s power working in us
    as the primary force, source and standard for daily life.
  • Take responsibility for being authentic –
    through personal character development and healthy integration of the whole person, body, mind and spirit.
  • Develop and expand healthy relationships –
    being accountable to one another for our words, attitudes, and actions.
  • Pursue our calling –
    exercising our gifts, passions, skills, and creative talents to build up the Body.
  • Proactively engage and serve one another, our neighbors and communities, all to the glory of God
    striving to enrich all by giving more than we take.

Core Values

We maintain the following list of core values and definitions

  • Servant’s Heart: Acting on what God us called us to do, with a cheerful heart, to meet the needs of others in the body and beyond.
  • Authority of Scripture: Holding that the Bible provides timeless eternal truths, imparted by God to mankind, to give guidance and revelation of His redemptive purposes in Christ. Luke 21:29
  • Celebration: Coming together to affirm and celebrate who God is and what He is doing.
  • Redemptive Community: Where sinners (all of us) can be nurtured to spiritual health in a supportive Christ centered environment with forgiveness & grace.
  • Exalting God: Worshiping God individually and corporately affirming God’s attributes and glory through praise, prayer, fasting, offering, song and  silence.
  • Discipleship: Assisting others in their pursuit of becoming like Christ.
  • Authentic Relationships: We must be open with each other without condemnation to promote healing and unity in the body of Christ.
  • Supportive Family: We affirm God’s design for human relationships in the mutual commitment of a man and a woman in marriage. We support fathers, mothers, and children in fulfilling the biblical directives of caring for one another.
  • Hospitality: Creating and extending an environment of welcomeness.


Pastor Kevin Stottrup
Church Phone Number: (831) 726-2850
Cell Phone Number: (831) 212-7757